I help women decrease stress and weight, gain energy and confidence, and LEAP into a life they love!

    Ingrid Jamault - CHC CPT

    I help women decrease stress and weight, gain energy and confidence, and LEAP into a life they love!

    Ingrid Jamault - CHC CPT

    Areas of Expertise

    • Former nurse
    • Certified Personal Trainer -additional certification in Older Adult training
    • Certified Integrative Health Coach -specializing in Gut Health, Hormone Health and Emotional Eating Psychology
    • As seen on CityTV, published in Home Trends magazine and featured on Health Coach TV


    Ingrid Jamault is a Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer specializing in helping exhausted and overwhelmed women to lose weight and get their energy and joy back. Ingrid is passionate about this work following her own weight loss and fitness success story. Until her mid forties, she would do her best to avoid exercise at all costs. Skipping gym, sitting out of sports and avoiding any physical activity was her norm. Later, she would hide behind her children in photographs and insulate herself from life with layers of fat- numbing stress with late night junk food binges. In her journey to regain her health and find her strength - she lost weight, ran marathons and became a personal trainer who now shows other women how to uncover their inner strength, regain their mental clarity, make exercise fun and deliciously nourish their body, mind and soul. She is a married mom of 3 kids living in beautiful Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

    My Story

    My LEAP into Life! Growing up and into mid life, I remember I would do my best to avoid exercise at all costs - skipping gym and avoiding any exertion if I could. I would ease my stress with ‘comfort food’, and binge on junk food late at night. I was an overwhelmed people pleaser who numbed the anxiety and pain with food. I insulated myself from life and stress with layers of fat. I hid behind my children in photographs and missed out on the fun of pools and the beach with my family because I was so miserably ashamed of my body, and myself.


    In my mid 40's I found myself sedentary, exhausted and obese... and frankly, quite disappointed in myself and not very optimistic about my future and the example I was setting for my children. I then decided that I wanted to participate in life, not just be an observer… I realized I deserved to feel better. I realized I was the one responsible for my own well-being and nothing outside of me could make me healthier and happier. I had to do the work myself, inside and out.


    One day, I tagged along to a superfoods/sugar detox evening at a local event. It was there that a light bulb went off in my head! I was educated and inspired by a Health Coach which led me to shift my eating and lifestyle habits... which improved my health, gave me motivation and energy to care for myself, and to move my body. After changing the trajectory of my life, I was inspired to also become a Health Coach and help others feel good too! Changing my lifestyle, and actually nourishing my body, enabled me to lose over 40 pounds which gave me the energy and desire to exercise consistently for the first time in my life.


    I felt the desire to move my body. I began to run... which I used to think was INSANE... and then trained several days a week... and ran 8 half marathons and several other shorter runs in the next 14 months. It was surreal... but, again, LIFE CHANGING! This running was not just a physical transformation and effort, it was so much more! I then dabbled in many different ways to move my body... It was so much fun to PLAY! Resistance training, lifting weights and functional fitness became a favourite very quickly. I grew stronger in every way. I loved training so much- and saw the amazing value and results of it- so, of course, I decided to become a Personal Trainer in my late 40's! Let me tell you... I did not see that coming! EVERYDAY I am joyfully blown away by the power of food and fitness, along with other lifestyle factors, that empower me and make me feel so good! The smallest, simplest steps can start a tremendous change!


    Life is good and always getting better!


    Health and fitness saved me- and it can save you too!


    My mission is now to help others live their best lives! I help exhausted, stressed women lose weight, gain energy and confidence, and leap into a life they love. I am passionate about helping women discover the power they hold to create their best lives… to write their own story and create the happy ending that they deserve.


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          Terry R.

          Ingrid has been my trainer for three years now -she has helped me tremendously with my fitness and confidence. After a serious car accident many years ago I was restricted in many workouts or gym programs. I was restricted with movement and activities. Ingrid has helped me overcome my fear of safely challenging myself and has designed a workout program that is safe and specialized to my personal needs. I am back hiking and cycling and completing weekly workouts. She has given me a new confidence in myself. I appreciate Ingrid’s extensive knowledge of fitness and nutrition. I highly recommend Ingrid as she truly cares for each of her clients as we all work to improve our wellness.

          Tracy B.

          I contacted Ingrid as I was looking to get back in shape. Little did I know, not only would I become stronger physically but she would also help my relationship with food and nutrition. Ingrid truly cares for her clients and makes working out fun, even at 6am. If you’re on the fence,

          get off and call her!

          Vanessa J.

          I joined Ingrid’s 14 day challenge and lost 2 inches off my waist! Thanks for the great support throughout. I loved the holistic approach to health, wellness and fitness that she uses, and the message to nourish and care for the body and mind, not deprive. Encouraging daily habits that strengthen the mind and the physical body was just what I needed to bring me closer to my goals. Ingrid places an equal emphasis on both, while also taking into account the client’s personal goals. I have not experienced this holistic intuitive approach before with a fitness coach, and it makes all the difference. Highly recommended anyone at any level working with her!

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