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Seven Simple Steps to a Healthier Lifestyle

1-Goal setting… Goal getting!

Set your goals and make a game plan to reach them... write it all down! 

Plan rewards for when you reach your goals... and be sure to take them! 

2-Drink up!

Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day!

(Eg. 200lb person would drink 100oz daily)

Increase gradually and if you’re chilly, herbal tea is a great option too. 

3-Fuel your body!

Get your metabolism fired up. Add in more nutritionally dense food choices!

Add in more plant based foods!

Simply adding in a couple more fruit and veggies daily can boost your nutritional intake. 

No need to be hungry- starving yourself will stall your progress! 

4- Switch sweeteners!

Try replacing processed white sugar with healthier options like honey, maple syrup, stevia or another more natural sweetener. 

5-Get cookin’!

Know what’s in your food!

Buy whole foods (the least processed possible) and prepare at home.

Try new spices and seasonings.

Invite your family and friends to join you! Make it fun!

Enjoy creating and eating delicious and nutritious meals! 

Also... prep extra for healthy grab and go meals on those busy days.  

6- Move every day!

30 minutes is a great goal. Walk, dance- anything that moves you!

Try new things... try everything... find something you enjoy! 

Fitness can be fun and an excellent way to manage toxic stress!

7-Find fitness friends!

Connect with like minded people to share support and accountability! 

Enlist a friend, join a group, hire a coach. There are many great options to help keep you on track and help you have fun while reaching your goals! 

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