• Ingrid J.

Step Into Summer!

Staying Active in Limited Situations

Your Summer plans have likely changed... but staying close to home doesn’t mean you can’t stay active!

Some great ways to keep moving this Summer include...

Walking! It’s the simplest way to move and a great way to keep active for anyone!

Hiking! Discover local trails and enjoy the beauty of nature! Get in a quick trek through the woods, or pack a lunch and make a day of it! Explore and enjoy the fresh air!

Geocaching... takes hiking to another level! It’s nature’s ultimate treasure hunt! A great option for family fun! Download the app and start your adventure!

Get out on the water... canoeing, kayaking and paddle boarding are a few great options. Taking a quick dip to cool off is a bonus!

There are fun so many options for staying active- even in your own house or backyard!

-A fun way to get kids and adults moving is to create an obstacle course... in the house, the yard, or right through both! Use what you’ve got to challenge yourselves to move up, over, under, around and all different directions!

-A simple stroll around your neighbourhood... you may even meet your neighbours!

-Yardwork, gardening and house maintenance can be a great workout too!

If you’re committed to getting and staying fit, but missing the gym- sign on with an online training program to help you stay focused and accountable in reaching your health and fitness goals.

You are only limited by your thoughts!

Get up and go!

xo Ingrid


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